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The Plantation House Salento
Nestled in the foothills of the Andes, halfway between the towns of Armenia and Pereira, Salento is in the heart of Colombian coffee country. Conveniently located some 6-8 hours by bus from Medellin, 7-9 hours from Bogota and 4-5 hours from Cali, Salento is the perfect stop off point to explore Colombia´s coffee country. And when you are in Salento, Plantation House (only 5 blocks from the main plaza) is the best location for you to stay.

The original Plantation House (PH 1) is a 100 year old coffee plantation house that offers small dormitory and private accommodation with and without ensuite bathrooms, lounge and kitchen facilities.
Plantation House Two (PH 2) is a renovated traditional style farmhouse set in 2 acres of land and is literally across the road from the original Plantation House. This also offers both small dormitory and private accommodation with and without ensuite bathrooms. Both Plantation Houses have gas fired hot water systems.

Amongst the many services we offer our guests are WIFI, free internet, kitchen facilities, free coffee, book exchanges and book shop PLUS the best most current and accurate tourist information in Salento. In both the Plantation Houses new kitchen and social areas with fireplaces have been constructed.

The Plantation Houses have extensive gardens, with a myriad of flowers and native trees and of course a few coffee plants, hammocks and WIFI access. If you want somewhere a little more basic and rustic then look no further than our own working coffee farm just 10 minutes walk away with its own spectacular views and very unique character.

More recently we have just opened the grounds of our private house for our guests to sit use the WIFI and enjoy the magnificent views and the amazing sunset.

Would you like to see more of Plantation House? Then checkout this video

Video of the Hostel

Video of Coffee farm

Video of our house

The Plantation House, like all good hostels in Colombia is extremely concerned about responsible tourism so if you're thinking about using cocaine during your stay in Colombia, we hope you will consider your decision carefully. You can learn about the drug and its health effects at Wikipedia and see a video showing how it's produced here. The production of cocaine also significantly damages the environment of Colombia. And money spent on cocaine goes directly to support groups fighting in Colombia's internal conflict, leading to assassinations, massacres and one of the world's largest refugee problems. This conflict is excellently summarized in this Reuters report. If not for your own well-being, we would encourage you to refrain from supporting violence against the Colombian people by purchasing cocaine.

Plantation House adheres to and fully supports (both morally and legally) "la ley 679 de 2001" of the Colombian law which defines the code of conduct of operators in the field of tourism and which sanctions all forms of sexual tourism with minors.

Plantation House se adhiere moral y legalmente a lo dictado en la ley 679 de 2001 codigo de conducta de prestadores de servicios turisticos en Colombia que sanciona todo acto de turismo sexual con menores de edad.

The Plantation House
Alto de Coronel, Calle 7 1-04, Salento, Quindio, Colombia
Cel. 315-409 7039 (Spanish) or 316-285 2603 (English)

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