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Whilst you`re in the coffee zone why not do something really different and work for one or more days on our traditional Colombian Coffee Farm?

Plantation House is proud to offer to our guests the unique experience of working on our very own Don Eduardos coffee farm.
Please note that Finca Don Eduardos is 10 minutes walk from Plantation House and the trail is steep and frequently very muddy.

The work involved will depend on the time of the year, you may ending up picking or planting coffee or you may end up digging holes, painting or working on the trails. You need to be reasonably fit, have plenty of enthusiasm and ideally at least a small amount of spanish.

Don`t worry about not knowing what to do one of our experienced hands will show you the ropes and make certain you don`t get into too much mischief.

We cannot offer a straight exchange of work for either food or discounts on lodging because it contravenes the labour and visa laws of Colombia and because we feel it is morally wrong to use tourists to work when we could employ a local person to do the same work.

So what we offer is a very special and authentic tourist experience and as such we will charge you a nominal amount for the privilege. The package typically includes lunch, drinks and all necessary equipment (wellington boots, gloves, wet weather gear etc) and is only available from Monday to Friday and only for Plantation House guests.

Should you want it we have a spanish teacher in Salento that will do classes for a discounted rate for volunteers on the farm. The idea is that you work in the mornings and then study in the afternoon. You pay the professor direct we have simply negotiated a discounted rate for our farm volunteers.

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