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The Jardin Botanico Del Quindio is located in Calarca about 40 minutes from Armenia. It is possible to visit the garden as a day excursion from Salento. Typically you the local collective to Armenia from Salento and from there either a bus or taxi direct to the entrance of the gardens.

The botanical gardens have some 600 species of plants including an extensive collection of palms and orchids.

In addition to the gardens themselves there are :-

A butterfly house in the shape of a giant butterfly is 680sq metres is size and houses some 1500 butterflys (50 different species).
A 7 story lookout tower that affords great views of the gardens and butterfly house and enables you to examine close you the canopy of trees.
A small maze
A huge concrete relief map of the province of Quindio
A large new bird watching section

You must take a guide to explore the gardens. There are several English speaking guides. The guides are usually local agricultural students. Entrance to the gardens does not include the fee for the guide.

Hours: 9.00am to 5.00 pm Daily
Price: 10,000 pesos (2008 price)
Tel: (6) 7427254
Address: Km 3 via al Valle Calarca Quindio

The Plantation House
Alto de Coronel, Calle 7 1-04, Salento, Quindio, Colombia
Cel. 315-409 7039 (Spanish) or 316-285 2603 (English)

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