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Armenia has it`s fiesta the second week in October.

The highlight of the fiesta week is YIPAO a parade of jeeps. The Zona Cafetera was built using surplus WW2 jeeps and this parade is a celebration of the importance of the jeep to the region.

The parade is typically on the last Sunday of the fiesta and starts mid afternoon continuing on and through the evening, usually culminating with a party and free concert in one of the stadiums around Armenia.

The traditional image of a jeep in the coffee zone is of it being so heavily laden than the front wheels are literally off the ground.

The first part of the parade continues this theme with jeeps that are laden with household furniture, good and animals,

The second part of the parade involves jeeps laden to the hilt with coffee, flowers and fruit and vegetables.

The third part of the parade celebrates the myriad of uses the jeep has been used for in the development of the coffee zone. Aside from the more obvious uses of jeeps such as ambulances, mobile libraries and fire engines you can see some of the more unique uses the jeep has been used for a mobile brick making jeep kiln for example.

The last part of the parade is a free for all with jeeps of all ages, laden with partygoers all enjoying themselves.

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