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The Plantation House offers both dormitory and private accomodation (both with and without ensuite bathrooms). Amongst the many services we offer are the following :-

A safe relaxed environment to explore the Zona Cafetera
Extensive gardens including a bamboo forest
Hot water showers
Kitchen facilities
Mountain bike rental

Communal area with fireplace
Book shop
Free coffee (from our own cofee farm)

and above all current, accurate tourist information.


There are a number of hostels in Salento :-

If the hostel does not register you and
If on the first page of the registration book there is not an official DAS letter and
If the hostel does not display a valid Chamber of Commerce certificate and
If the hostel does not have a National Tourist Registration

then the hostel is not 100% legal. This however does not affect your rights.

The Plantation House
Alto de Coronel, Calle 7 1-04, Salento, Quindio, Colombia
Cel. 315-409 7039 (Spanish) or 316-285 2603 (English)

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