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In addition to exploring coffee farms, walking in the Valley of Cocora or relaxing in a hammock in the Plantation House garden, for the more active of you, here are a few suggestions for other things you might do in Salento.

Horseriding - there are some fantastic routes through breathtaking scenery. There are a lot of people that will rent you horses in Salento we use
Don Alvaro Giraldo Gomez - 311 3758293.

Mountain Biking - Salento Cycling ( mountain bike rental have just opened their doors. Bike rental by the hour or by the day - with or without guide. Talk to Eduardo or Santiago

Jewelry Making Classes - Salento is home to a large community of artisans - it is now possible to take classes with them. For further information ask in Plantation House.

Work on a coffee farm - It is now possible to work on Don Eduardos (Plantation Houses own coffee farm). The ultimate tourist experience - you may end up digging holes, you may end up hacking bamboo with a machette, you may end up picking coffee, you will end up tired. Price includes lunch and refreshments. Wellies and machette provided....

The Plantation House
Alto de Coronel, Calle 7 1-04, Salento, Quindio, Colombia
Cel. 315-409 7039 (Spanish) or 316-285 2603 (English)

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