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Read what some of our visitors have written about Plantation House, and the Salento region.

Juan Forero, Bogota bureau chief, New York Times
One of the most lively and cheapest [hostels] I came across was the Plantation House, a five-room hotel run by a former British businessman in Salento. Built on a bluff and painted green and yellow, the inn is postcard pretty. Coffee plants grow in a garden, along with oranges and lemons, giving off a pleasant fragrance.
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Ed Ewing, Guardian Unlimited
At the other end of the scale, though no less relaxing, is Plantation House, also in Salento. This small, five-room finca is now owned by an Englishman, Tim Harbour. He turned the place into a hostel two years ago and rents rooms for 15,000 pesos a person (£3), including unlimited coffee. Overlooking the valley, Plantation House is becoming a favourite destination for backpackers trying to recover after a weekend of frenetic overindulgence in the nearby party cities of Medellín or Cali.
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The Highlight of the Zona Cafetera, TravelPod
We really lucked out and were able to rent out a beautiful (and dirt cheap) old country house on a hilltop, all to ourselves, complete with kitchen, living room, dining room, fireplace, balcony, and our very own garden overlooking the beauty below... We were almost certain we wouldn’t find a house such as this in all of South America, so we took full advantage of it, and stayed almost a week!
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Rojo, A Drop of Paradise
We arrive bedragelled off the last bus to a magic hostel called Plantation House. An old sprawling farmhouse, we slept in the slightly renovated barn and drank golden coffee in the mornings over looking the valley from the open shutters of the kitchen window.
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The Plantation House
Alto de Coronel, Calle 7 1-04, Salento, Quindio, Colombia
Cel. 315-409 7039 (Spanish) or 316-285 2603 (English)

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