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April 2014
Due to increased fuel prices we have had to put up the prices for our airport pickups. Please check the airport pickup page for the new prices.

February 2014
Plantation House won 2nd place in the National 2013 Sustainable Tourism awards (Category benefiting the local Community) which was run by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

October 2012
The rainwater collection system for Finca Don Eduardo has been finished and a small solar panel energy system has been installed to power pumping the collected water to the header tank. The next stage will be expand the system to supply sufficient power for the finca completely.

September 2012
The Finca Don Eduardo nursery has been expanded to cater for the 3000+ new Bourbon coffee plants that are being cultivated on the farm.

September 2012
The cost of the Don Eduardo Coffee Tour has been increased for the first time since the coffee tours started 4 years ago. Over the years the tour has evolved and now includes a demonstration of roasting as well as a comprehensive explanation of the coffee cultivation process. The tour price is now 10000 COP for Plantation House guests and 20000 COP for non Plantation House guests.

August 2012
"Finca Don Eduardo" Plantation Houses own coffee farm is being installed with a rainwater recycling system, whereby the rainwater will be collected, filtered and then reused. This will enable Don Eduardos to be much more water sufficient. The work will be finished by the end of August in time for the rainy season.

June 2012
New furniture, tables, chairs and bedside tables for all the rooms in the Plantation House were purchased.

April 2012
In keeping with Plantation Houses policy of continually improving services, a system of closed circuit security cameras has been installed covering both Plantation Houses and in keeping with our policy of being as friendly to the environment as is possible the perimeters of the Plantation Houses have been planted with bamboo which will eventually replace the existing fences.

March 2012
The re-wiring of the main Plantation House has been finished and new gates to both Plantation Houses have been installed. Plantation House One was rewired so that should the need arise a portable generator can be used to provide power.
At the same time the showers and wiring in Plantation House One and Two were changed so that they now function on gas or electricity. This means that should Salento be without gas again as it was for 3 weeks last December, we can flip a switch and our gas fired showers will now give you a hot water using electricity.

September 2011
The new kitchen and social area in Plantation House One is now open. Work is continuing on converting the old kitchen and lounge into accomodation - one small 4 bed dormitory and one small double room. This work will be completed by the last week in September. Our thanks to our guests for their patience during this time.

August 2011
Important changes to the coffee tours times.
From the 1st August
Tours in English take place on Mon/Thur/Sun at 14.00
Tours in Spanish take place on Mon-Sat at 11.00 and 15.00

July 2011
Work started on a new kitchen, lounge and social area in Plantation House One. The work is scheduled to take two to three months and when it is complete the new kitchen and lounge will have a chimney for those nights when the clouds come down.

May 2011
WiFi installed in Plantation House.

March 2011
Plantation House has just completed the purchase of a new Hyundai diesel 9 seater mini bus.The bus will be used for pickups from Armenia and Pereira airports and for local excursions.

February 2011
Work to connect Plantation House 2 to the main sewerage system in Salento has been completed. Previously Plantation House 2 was connected to 2 sceptic tanks. These tanks have been decommissioned.

January 2011
The eaves, facades and corridors of Plantation House 1 have all been renovated. This work has been necessary for some time and was scheduled for the last two weeks of January. Many thanks to our guests for the during this period.

December 2010
Plantation House is pleased to announce that it now offers free internet for its guests.At the moment there is only one machine so we would ask guests not to hog the computer, but the plan over the next few months is to expand the service. Unfortunately, due to guests abusing the system, the book exchange is no longer available. However the Plantation House book shop is still available.

September 2010
A new room in the cabaña at the back of Plantation House 1 has been built. The room has a double bed and bunk-beds and will be used either as a double or a small dormitory.

August 2010
A solar powered water heater has been installed and it is now possible to have a hot water shower when you stay at Don Eduardos. Plantation House is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ciclosalento, Salentos oldest mountain bike rental business.

June 2010
The upgrade of Don Eduardos has been completed. The two dormitory rooms have been converted into one larger more comfortable space. The floor has been relaid and two new bathrooms have been added.

April 2010
The new office / storage area is now officially opened. The opening ceremony coincided with Plantation Houses 6th birthday on the 5th April.

March 2010
FINCA DON EDUARDO (Plantation Houses very own coffee finca) has opened its doors and is now accepting guests who want to sleep and stay on a working coffee farm. Accomodation is basic but comfortable and the views are awesome...

March 2010
Plantation House has now implemented some important changes to our reservation system. Plantation House will no longer accept telephone reservations WITHOUT an email confirmation. In addition Plantation House has changed the accomodation available in Room 23 so that there are less beds. As a consequence of this the Plantation House basic dormitory price is 18000 COP per person and no Plantation House dormitory has more than 4 beds.

November/December 2009
The redevelopment of the kitchen of Plantation House 1 is now complete. This involved the gutting of the existing kitchen and the installation of a new industrial strength kitchen for Plantation House 1.

Early November 2009
Phase 2 of the redevelopment of Plantation House 2 is complete. This work involved installation of 2 new bathrooms. In addition the main dormitory, lounge and office space in Plantation House has been transformed into 4 smaller, more comfortable doubles/ triples / dormitories (3 of which will have ensuite bathrooms).

October 2009
Phase 1 of the redevelopment of Plantation House 2 is now complete. This involved the construction of a new separate building containing a full equipped kitchen, comfortable eating and social area (complete with fireplace), 2 toilets and a small office. All of this is now available for Plantation House 1 and 2 guests to use.

February 2009
Plantation House dormitory block fitted with gas fired showers instead of the old electrical showers.

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